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Turning one into two - packaging made simple!

With knack & fill® we here at STRAUB-Verpackungen have done our reputation proud as the innovation leader in the field of efficient and high-quality packaging solutions: From one stamped shape, we make two packaging units that can also be combined perfectly with one another. This saves space - using the same basic design. For our customers, this translates into efficiency gains and reduced costs. We call that a typical Straub moment!

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Less waste! – It’s all about cutting costs and reducing environmental impact

A shelf tray with automatic base, Fefco 0700, can be configured better using knack & fill ® [click-snap & fill] than the conventional arrangement. This point is illustrated in the drawings beside this text, colour-coded in purple. With knack & fill, much less waste is generated during production. As the graphic shows, the material surface area with knack & fill ® can be reduced by up to 35%. This conserves resources – a gain in terms of economy as well as ecology!

Less waste! – Less space, therefore less to transport

The ideal way that packaging units fit together with knack & fill® enables pallets to be loaded more compactly. Depending on the version being used, it is now possible to store up to 20% more packaging on a pallet than with conventional packaging. That not only saves one in six delivery loads, it also saves in terms of storage space and the cost of in-house transport. Indeed, knack & fill ® not only cuts costs, it also protects the environment in a sustainable manner. For every ton of corrugated card saved by this changeover, no less than 887 kg CO2 is saved. To absorb this amount of CO2 would require a wooded area measuring 700 m2. With this changeover, you are therefore making a substantial contribution towards cutting your environmental impact in a sustainable manner!

Click-snap instead of picking! – Eliminating superfluous operations.

Durch die Anwendung von knack & fill ® entsteht kein zusätzlicher Arbeitsgang gegenüber dem konventionellen System. Im Gegenteil: Durch die Reduzierung des Pickens kann die Prozesskette bzw. Prozessdauer optimiert werden.

If it ain’t bust, don’t fix it! – Works with those same familiar basic constructions perfectly well.

That makes changing over to knack & fill ® a very simple matter for you, because we retain the basic construction employed for conventional packaging operations. Both you and your customers can stick to your tried-and-proven packaging concept. Everything remains the same, from printed image to packaging quantity, and you also save yourself an additional acceptance testing process. With this changeover, you are free to work on the basis of the principle of From One Make Two. In this way, you can secure yourself a competitive advantage over your competitors, while still remaining just as attractive to your customers as you were before!

Market testing! – In service for our customers since 2012.

knack & fill ® is now a tried-and-proven procedure. It has been in service for our customers since 2012 and we have been engaged in continuous further development work too. Already, many companies have switched from their conventional packaging procedures to knack & fill ®. We are proud to be able to say that no customer has had cause to regret their changeover to knack & fill ®.