At Straub-Verpackungen we know how to look after electronic components!

ESD officers know that sensitive electronic components not only need to be protected against mechanical impacts from an external source. They also, and above all, need to be protected against electrostatic discharge (ESD), particularly when being packaged, while in storage and while in transit.

SAFESHIELD® satisfies all requirements relating to ESD shielding packaging materials. At the same time, this system provides clear evidence of our expertise and our innovative powers: That is because their manufacture and further processing come from a single source – from Straub-Verpackungen. This also makes it possible for our packaging to provide made-to-measure solutions for transport crates, storage boxes, plug-in containers and for product-related packaging designs. To achieve this, SAFESHIELD® offers all qualities from the F to the BC-wave. Either as a standard or as a special solution – with SAFESHIELD® your electronic devices and appliances are in perfect hands.


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