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The entire world of packaging solutions. From big to small. From classic to colourful. From standard to bespoke. Straub is all these things!

We do so much more than simply bag things for you!

Always suitable, always reliable - always STRAUB!

Our customers really do matter to us! Even more important to us though are the products of our customers. You see, we at Straub-Verpackungen make it out business to ensure that those products arrive in good, safe condition. Because we manufacture packaging materials, to the size, shape and quality that fit those products like the proverbial glove. As standard versions, we offer Unprinted packaging, Printed packaging, Packaging with self-seal connections,For this, we have a selection of various types of packaging, from folded cartons to die-cut packaging as well as the appropriate liner. Here you can see all of our types of packaging in this overview.

Because we at Straub always seek to err on the safe side, we not only manufacture packaging materials ourselves, but we even manufacture the material from which this packaging is made  – corrugated board. With state-of-the-art production facilities, we are in a position to match goods and packaging materials precisely with one another - precisely what you require from us. Of course, our experienced team is on hand to provide advice and practical assistance. Here you can see all types of corrugated card in this overview.

Everything from a single source - from development to volume production to delivery, all of our production processes are dovetailed together. This increases efficiency, saves costs and gives us the flexibility we need to create packaging solutions quickly and reliably. What that means for our customers is stability and suitability for transport for every desired application. And this is something you can rely on.

Attention please…!

Caution is famously the mother of the porcelain crate. Some things are as fragile as a raw egg - and need to be handled, packaged and transported accordingly. The objects may be sharp or fragile, they may be explosive substances or may impose other unusual requirements in terms of shape, weight, multi-functionality or surface finish. In any event, we really do know how to package fragile objects!

Durable and robust, for when the going gets tough. Our prototypes are laboratory-tested under the most stringent of conditions for protection against breakage and stability. Straub-Verpackungen is also one of the few recognised external centres operated by the German Materials Testing Agency [Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung]. We also perform the testing and approval of their hazardous goods packaging materials autonomously.

Do you have products that need to be handled with care, a tricky item to transport or a particularly sensitive packaging requirement? If so, then get in touch with us. We here at Straub-Verpackungen are experienced and practiced experts in this sector. Together, we shall find a suitable solution for you. Safe? Absolutely safe!

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Packaging can be this colourful - making brands lively!

Are inner values what really counts? Without a doubt! However, the external appearance can often also be an important factor, and/or the decisive emotional sales argument - the eye helps to decide about purchases too! As experts in the field of packaging, we at Straub are of course familiar, not only with the material and the processing operations involved, but also with the appropriate printing and surface finishing processes. Here you can depend upon state-of-the-art printing technologies and our decades of expertise: Maximum flexibility and an ultimately high level of colour integrity and assured quality. Regardless of what you have to say or show, no matter how colourful and unusual, how large or small: We put colour into and onto your packaging - doing full justice to your brand image!

Depending on requirement and quantity, either the corrugated card is printed (offset printing, digital printing) before processing and packaging or the completed packaging materials are put through a direct printing process at the end(flexo-direct printing). The classic offset printing process is particularly well suited to high production volumes. It assures optimum quality and efficiency. We process smaller quantities using the digital printing process. Here too, superlative results in brilliant quality are assured. In the flexo-direct printing process, we apply colour (i.e. ink) directly to the finished product.

Which of these is the best variant for you? Let us find out together. Talk to our experienced experts. We shall find the optimum and most cost-effective solution for you!


For very specific requirements indeed - solutions from STRAUB

We here at Straub-Verpackungen have a reputation for finding appropriate packaging solutions for even the most challenging of tasks. This has involved us getting confronted with a vast array of different challenges. Here we introduce you to two products that provide clear evidence of our powers of innovation - and that impress customers around the globe for good reason:

knack & fill ® – the new kind of efficient and sustainable packaging 

Safeshield ® – for the best possible protection of electronic components

You have a particularly tricky requirement, or a product that needs very special packaging indeed? Bring it to us! We would welcome the challenge. We would discuss your requirements here at Straub, and would then do our utmost to find you the optimum solution!

Proven items – available quickly and for the long-term!

Many things get sent out in similar form: Letters, folders, DVDs, books, calendars and and and ... It therefore makes sense to be able to reach for standard products. At Straub-Verpackungen you are absolutely at the right address. In cooperation with our subsidiary Wellstar-Packaging we can offer you a broad range of standard storage items, and corresponding accessory items such as:

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  • packaging e.g. for books or media storage units (CDs, DVDs)

  • packaging for folders

  • post-optimised packaging

  • colourful packaging

  • pockets / sleeves / covers

  • calendar packaging

  • boxes with & without self-adhesive seals

  • large containers

  • LP record protectors

  • attachable packaging

  • packing strips

  • filling and padding systems

Here you see an overview of the entire product range of standard storage items available

from Wellstar-Packaging

Straub-Verpackungen and Wellstar-Packaging: These are short and direct paths, known procedures and - for you - the optimum solution! Our sales staff will always be pleased to answer any questions you may have.