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A strong team, an impressive history, a promising future - we say a warm welcome to Straub-Verpackungen!

Our work - our values

Success does not simply grow on trees!

Corrugated board from the Black Forest - that phrase epitomises Straub-Verpackungen. Straub, a family-owned company now in its 7th generation - has now of course become far more than that. It is now a partner with all-round knowledge of  packaging, for customers throughout Europe. We not only supply products, we also deliver solutions that delight our customers, enabling them to relive that 'Straub Moment' day in day out. That has a lot to do with quality and innovation, but also with confidence, responsibility and integrity.

These values are indispensable to us - they define us. We have grown up on that basis, and seek to grow yet further. We cannot emphasize too much that our employees play a central role in that process. This is why, also in-house, we strive for a standard of conduct based on respect, open-ness and fairness. Terms that for use are not in any way (empty) words, but are instead success factors in the best sense of the term - in the past, in the present and into the future.

Any family-owned company that has navigated a successful course on the market for almost 200 years, that ceaselessly develops innovations and strives for the highest standards of quality may be entitled to state - not without a certain amount of pride - that it has got a lot right. Our values reflect the guiding principle of our actions, and constitute the basis for the positive development of this business ever since 1825 and they shall continue to guide us into the future. So you see: Success does not simply grow on trees - but if it did, we would come up with the right packaging for it!

Dr. Steffen P. Würth
Alexander Würth

EN Unternehmen Aufzählung

  • Meet all people with dignity, respect, equality and tolerance
  • Consider people for more important than things
  • Treat everyone like we would want to be treated too
  • Behave with integrity, honesty, fairness and justice
  • Speak truly, act responsibly and morally
  • Comply with our duty of care
  • Protect the environment and handle responsibly with resources
  • Act solidly and integrate the community
  • Observe the rules of the honest merchant
  • Refrain from arbitrariness, humiliation and disproportionate acting
  • Deal mutually constructively with guilt, failure and defeats

This really is worth a closer look ...!

This really is worth a closer look ...!

We have already told you that Straub-Verpackungen can already look back on almost 200 years of successful company history. However, what does success really mean, and what is tangible about it? In our view, success is an interplay of the various factors that enable a company to work successfully and to grow. We would like to present a few of those factors:


we produce corrugated board on an order ofmagnitude of

924.500 squared meters CORRUGATED BOARD
482 kilometers CORRUGATED BOARD

Did you know?

Success does not grow on trees, but then, nor do high-quality packaging materials! Would you have known this? Whether you manufacture individual packaging items or do so by the 100 million, you need at least an investment in excess of €20 million for machines, materials - and of course for an appropriately skilled workforce!

As you see, the manufacture of high-quality packaging materials is a demanding and responsible task. Efficient and reliable operational procedures are an indispensable part of this, as are the factors of sustainability and environmental protection. For these reasons, we got properly compliance-certified years ago.


Moving more together - a strong team

We here at Straub-Verpackungen wish to offer our customers a perfect and comprehensive service from a single source - which is why we collaborate with strong partners. As well as our two production facilities in Bräunlingen and Blumberg we own a conglomerate comprising four partner companies and subsidiaries. With them, we are able to satisfy all of your wishes and requirements: Fast, flexible and reliable!

EN Unternehmen Partner

Our subsidiary, founded in 2003 and based in Bräunlingen, is a specialist for flexible and customer-specific solutions in the packaging and shipping of small as well as large items. In addition, Wellstar Packaging also enjoys wrapping your goods for you.
Papierfabrik Vreden
Our subsidiary in the Münsterland region is an SME with a great reputation extending back over six decades for its high-quality recycled paper.
Beer Verpackungen
Since 1990, this company from the Swiss Dällikon region, renowned for its tailor-made packaging solutions made of card and board, has belonged to the Straub Group.
Since 2012 we have owned a holding in this versatile packaging specialist from France. This has enabled us to extend and deepen our range of services.



A long-tradition company looking to the future

Acquisition of the city mill in Bräunlingen
Commisioning of the first manufacturing unit for 
corrugated board
Foundation of the Wellstar-Packaging GmbH company
Full owner of the Vreden paper-making plant