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Moving more together: there are various facets to the notion of responsibility at Straub - and it has many faces too.

Sozial engagiert – aus Überzeugung!

More than the sum of its parts...!

Family-run businesses - it is no coincidence that, in today's world, this is a quality feature in its own right. We here at Straub-Verpackungen are a mature family-run business with the best part of 200 years of history, and with more than 500 employees. Pure coincidence? Certainly not!

Here is what entrepreneurial responsibility means for us: That we here at Straub should create structures in which people enjoy working, that promote innovation and where the environment is taken seriously and is treated with respect. That was the case in the past, it is so now, and it will continue to be so in future. You see, as a family business, we have always been committed to the importance of the next generation.

Without a doubt, there is no single 'right way' to run a business, but here at Straub we do have relatively clear notions of what a 'good workplace' should look like. After all, at the end of the day, we know precisely what has kept us on a successful path every since 1825 - and that is the people who work here and alongside us. For this reason, we have formulated a set of guiding principles that focus on values such as a fairness, honesty, respect, safety, quality and responsibility; values that are lived out here at Straub on a daily basis – and the various awards we have won bear testament to this .

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A clear commitment to our location, an above-average proportion of trainees on our workforce, continuous further training and education opportunities... This and many other related factors are what define a company aware of its responsibilities.
In the Logib-D project by the German Families Ministry (Familienministerium), which examines wage parity in companies, Straub emerged as an above-average employer. We would say: Carry on!

From the region - for the region!

For us, responsibility does not stop at the factory gates. We at Straub have not let all this success make us forget where we came from. Children are our future, and we wish to promote and support them. This is why, for many years, we have sought to have contact with schools in the region and to cooperate with them. We are also active in the Bürgerstiftung ['citizen's foundation] of Bräunlingen and we support its many projects for the good of the community, and particularly to support the elderly. 

In our view, gratitude and modesty are among the very significant values that a family-owned business should embody – and to be aware of the fact that there are plenty of people out there less well off than we are. Especially for children, a serious illness can suddenly drive everything else into the background. For this reason, we have supported an association that helps children affected by cancer.

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We also cooperate and have regular contact with the largest school in the Blumberg conurbation.
Secondary School in Blumberg
We are a founding member of the civil foundation for providing support to citizens in need as well as welfare for youths and elderly people.
Bräunlingen Civil Foundation
Our cooperation with the Lucian-Reich School promotes implementation of various types of schools - from elementary to comprehensive school.
Lucian-Reich School in Hüsingen
We support the association for children with cancer and, therefore, the families of such children.
Helping Helps
We support the technical secondary Scheffel School that has its own vocational counsellor as well as social workers.
Scheffel School in Blumberg
Within the framework of cooperation we accompany youths on their way to become self-determined, socially responsible personalities that are prepared to face future challenges.
Eichendorff School in Donaueschingen
We cooperate with this secondary school, which follows a unique concept of profile forms (among others: wind instrument form, trekking form, iPad form).
Secondary School in Donaueschingen
We support numerous regional associations and events as they make an important contribution to our society and our country.

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This really can be proud of ...!

In our view, for a company to have a real future, it has to deal with natural resources with awareness, sustaining and preserving those resources. This not only entails having appropriate environmentally aware production processes, but also paying attention to aspects such as energy efficiency and waste avoidance.

This is why we here at Straub work to the highest standards of environmental protection, and we have held the relevant compliance certification for many years. Also in respect of hygiene management we have for a long time acted in accordance with strict in-house guidelines – we are ecologically responsible in all areas!